Crying Still Works

Worker H is responsible for the daily quality control record keeping. This job has floated around the factory unclaimed and unwanted since it’s a pain in the ass. Bihourly reports on every machines status.

The flu is going around. Worker H has been in and out several times. Trying to work, but still not well. Again she has to leave… first time she arrived this week… it’s Thursday…

Worker H –  “I’m not feeling so well. I think I’m going to head home..”

Worker F – “No, don’t go, because then I’m the back up and have to record quality control.”

Worker H starts crying.  Not an odd occurrence from this particular coworker. Sometimes she cries when certain songs comes on the radio. But, apparently it got to Worker F.

Worker F – “Fine, just leave.”

Halloween in the Factory

It’s hard to dress up too much for Halloween at work. For a number of reasons… it’s kinda lame unless you know others are going to commit. Don’t want to overdo it. Plus, we work in a factory so there is a number of safety and health factors. Fake nails, wigs and other elaborate costume ideas just won’t work. The BWC wouldn’t let you in the door.

So, I decided that this year for a low key costume I’d dress up as our Production Manager. Coincidentally, the 31st is actually his birthday. When I found that out I decided I had to get all of us in production to dress like him. A whole army of clones. Similar to that Star Wars sequel, or prequel was it?

Our Production Manager is known for his wardrobe. Most popular outfit imitated was his sweater vest. His tendency to wear one over a t-shirt made for a very comfortable costume.

He actually laughed when he saw us all saying he couldn’t believe there were still so many sweater vests in circulation. I had a friend in town lend out a few.

Not to mention every employee was wearing a pair of glasses. Most were cheapo pairs from the dollar store with the lens poked out. I was wearing my own glasses, but since I always wear contacts they were a couple prescriptions old and gave me quite the headache.

khakis and sweater vest

khakis and sweater vest

Besides the costumes, which were a hoot to see, the best part of halloween is everyone bringing in their leftover candy on the 1st. I’m so thrilled that the number of trick-o-treaters has declined and people are left with too much. I mean the truth is our town’s economy is just recovering and a lot of families have had to move for jobs… But, the silver lining I see is that at work we see a positive mood enhancement with any added sugar. As long as you keep the supply running and make sure the low happens on the drive home.

Next year I think we will dress like the Purolator driver..

Buddy’s Alliance

The other day Worker N and I were having a little argument about what was a priority in Production. Buddy from the other department just happened to be listening. After Worker N walked away he confessed.

Buddy –  “I don’t know what you were even talking about, but you are definitely right.” 

Thanks for the vote in confidence Buddy.

Buddy has also told me he doesn’t want me to stay there long for fear I’ll get bitter and morph into Worker N and her cohorts.

Blogging will keep me sane. I hope.

Lunch Time Antics

Lunch brings together the various departments within the factory. Seriously there are some people I would never see if it wasn’t for this half hour. Or those I see just making the trek to the lunchroom.

When I started I worked from eleven to seven with four other girls. We had lunch at 3:00 alone. Wouldn’t talk and wouldn’t sit directly next to one another, always at least a space between each of us. Now I liked this, because I value my personal space and silence.

We are not allowed our phones on the floor, so I usually use lunch as a time for catching up on texts. Or just meditating and taking myself far away from there. Envisioning my next vacation or just Friday afternoon at five.

However, now that they’ve abolished the late shift, I eat at 12:30, a normal time, and a crowded time. I’ve grown accustomed to eating with others. This took some time. Having to wait in line for the microwave, making small talk, rubbing elbows…

I usually try and sit at the head of table. Mostly because I like my space, but somehow it’s gotten around that I like the end, because I sext.

What is sexting? I don’t even think I know how to sext. Actually, I think I know… But, I still don’t do it. Unfortunately I blush on a dime and anytime someone accuses me of sexting I immediately go beet red.

Now, I agree with the fact I don’t like people seeing my texts, but not because they’re inappropriate. It started back in May when I started seeing someone new, being that we live in a small town, I don’t need everyone knowing my business. So, I tried to keep it on the down low for as long as possible. Even though now it has become lunchroom chatter.

But, because I want privacy when I text it has become this joke.

Buddy got up the other day when he saw me walk in and told me I could have my spot, because he didn’t want to upset me and for me to write something mean about him in my blog. Well, I am!

It’s now referred to as the sexting spot.

Anyway, I have another complaint about the lunchroom apart from being labeled a sexter.

Now, Buddy boy who sits next to me thinks it’s alright to call his wife from the table. I mean when I make calls I leave the table, yet alone the room. Although, as we already established I value my privacy (kinda ironic I’m blogging, but whatever it’s anonymous, sort of).

But, Buddy not only calls his wife, but talks in his lovey-dovey voice, gets all sappy, professing his love. And, that is awesome that they’re happy, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t need to hear it. Especially, when he’s talking over our engaging conversation on the weather. I’d like to hear whether Worker Y thinks it will snow or not!

Hot Flashes

Anonymous Outsider – “But, it looks like you all are working really hard back there.”

Me – “You can tell who’s working really hard by who actually takes off their sweater. Except for <name undisclosed>, she’s hardly working, just going through menopause.”